Willow Creek Senior Living
Willow Creek Apartment

Our goal is to provide a comfortable, secure way of life for our residents by creating an environment that allows them to live their lives on their own terms.  Our staff of highly-trained professionals is dedicated to providing personalized quality care in a setting where staff and residents work together to meet mutual goals of independence and mobility.

What our customers say

Willow Creek has been home to both of my parents for the past 4 1/2 years.  The living arrangements are comfortable and inviting and the amenities are outstanding.  My parents have enjoyed the care and comfort provided by the outstanding staff at Willow Creek.  This is their home.  Our family feels extremely fortunate that the Henning Community has provided this type of facility for our parents who were lifetime residents of Henning. 

Our Dad passed away this past year and the attention and accommodations that the staff provided to Dad brings tears of happiness to my eyes.  He lived his life in dignity at Willow Creek and they now have taken on the same level of care for our Mom.  We, as a family, will be forever grateful for Willow Creek.  What a blessing for the community of Henning and particularly for our more elderly citizens.  Thank you, Willow Creek.

Dean Souter

Dean Soutor, Superintendent of Schools, Henning School District

Henning School Graduate and former resident

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